"Enlightenment is not something you achieve.
It is the absence of something.
All your life you have been going forward
after something, pursuing some goal.
Enlightenment is dropping all of that."

Suzuki Roshi





"The true purpose of Zen is to see things as they really are.
...there we have human life, and there we have poetry. There is no good or bad It is only in your mind."

Suzuki Roshi

The symptoms associated with muscle pain, migraine
headaches, back aches, and joint problems are often eliminated or
greatly reduced with craniosacral work.

Clients are saying:

“My experience with Paul’s work was an enlightening experience. I quickly went into a deep state with the trust I felt for him. My body released years of built up fears and visions...I was left in a state of calm, relief, and a new sense of self. Paul also helped me prepare for a root canal. With Paul’s help I was able to leave the dentist’s office without pain or discomfort.”

Pamela Joy
massage therapist for 21 years

"Paul has a deep capacity to listen and support the fullness and freedom of movement within the cranial rhythm through gentle touch and attention. I have drawn on Paul’s skills a number of times over the years when I needed sensitive touch and subtle perception regarding imbalances in skeletal structure and have always experienced a substantial shift and a new level of freedom through his work.”

Katie Mickey
director of the Santa Barbara
Body Therapy Institute

“I just wanted to thank you for my sessions when I’m in Santa Barbara. Truly wonderful and powerful effects on consciousness and energy. Particularly opening of the heart, and great relief in the lower back.”

Ed Kelly
financial systems planner

"The trust I feel for Paul from the very beginning of my sessions allow me to go into this deep, sacred place where there is no time–timeless. I leave feeling more illuminated, nourished, more at home with my self, and truly held. Thank you.”

John Patrick Sullivan
ex-professional football player
minister in training for the Ridhwan Church (Diamond Heart)